Storing isn’t something most people do every day, but it is something we do at Caro Self Storage 24/7.  So if you have any questions at all, we’re always happy to answer them.

 We have the following sizes of storage units:  5X10, 10X10, 10X12, 10X14, 10X15, 10X16, 10X18, 10X20, 10X28, 10X30, 10X40
 Yes.  We have locks for sale for your convenience.
 No — you are the only one with a key, so keep it in a safe place and remember where you put it.
 We offer heated and air-conditioned units in the following sizes:  5X10, 10×10, 10×20, 15X20.  These units are ideal for belongings or inventory that require extra protection from heat, cold or moisture.
 Indoor units are inside buildings, protected from the weather and are climate controlled. Outdoor units are accessed only from the outside.
 Yes we do.  You can easily store your recreational vehicles safely with 24/7 access at Caro Self Storage.
 Your rent is due on the first of each month. A $10 late fee is charged for anything paid after the 5th of each month.
Yes, our rental contracts are month-to-month — you don’t need to sign a long-term lease.
 We offer many ways for individuals — including seniors — and businesses to save money.  Check with your store manager to find out which plan is best for you.  Remember that if you prepay your rent for one year, we’ll give you one month free.
 Sorry, but no refunds for a partial month of occupancy.
 Please give us at least 48 hours’ notice before you move out, and let us know when you have vacated your unit.
 You can access your unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
 Yes, Caro Self Storage does rent moving trucks. Call our office for details.
 Yes, but only if you give them the key.
 During access hours, which is 24 hours a day, you can access your storage unit.  During office hours, our manager is available to answer your questions, accept your rental payments and so on.
 Call your Caro Self Storage manager during regular business hours, and he or she will be able to assist you.
 Yes.  You are responsible for the things you store at Caro Self Storage. You may be covered under your homeowner’s policy — check with your insurance agent to be sure.
 You will need to provide a valid, government-issued form of identification such as a driver’s license, state ID or passport.
 Yes, we have carts and dollies on hand, as well as moving trucks and other moving supplies.
 An on-site manager refers to an employee of the storage facility who lives on the premise where you’re storing your belongings. This helps increase the security of the storage facility since there is someone on the property during non-office hours. Caro Self Storage has an onsite manager.
 Caro Self Storage offers four convenient ways to pay:

1.  Pay by mail.
Mail your monthly payment to Caro Self Storage, 466 Ellington St., Caro, MI 48723. Please include your storage unit number on your check or money order and make certain you mail it in time to arrive before the due date.
2.  Pay in person.
You are welcome to pay your rent in person at Caro Self Storage with cash, check or credit card.
3.  Drop Box.
You can drop your payment in our drop box 24/7.
4.  By Phone.
You can call in your payment by phone with a credit card.