Tired of Propane companies locking you into high rates for LP? We will economically fill your home propane tank that you own with no contract required. (Just provide proof of ownership.) Call for rates.

Convenient location at the corner of 81 and 24 in Caro Michigan. Easy access to your storage units, climate controlled storage, Boats, RV’s and propane for Lapeer, Caro, Cass City, Mayville, Vassar, and the surrounding areas in Tuscola, Lapeer, Huron and Sandusky counties.

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Get Your Propane Tanks From Us

Or get your own tank filled from us – 1,000 gal, 500 gal, 330, gal and 250 gal. Set up and delivery available. Accessories also available.

Need propane for your RV? We will fill your RV propane tank at our filling station with easy access for large vehicles. You won’t have to squeeze your RV around tight spots here. Easy in and easy out and you are on your way. We charge by the gallon, which saves you money.

We also fill your 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 60, and 100 lb (25 gallon) tanks here but with a distinct advantage. We fill to the maximum legal limit. Exchange tanks are not filled to the maximum legal limit. 20 lb tanks often contain only 15 lb of fuel. With exchange, you lose any fuel left in the tank.

We also save you money over flat rate refills. At Caro Rental you can top off a tank or refill it when it is empty. Either way you only pay for what you need. With flat fee refills, you pay for the entire capacity of the tank regardless of the amount needed to fill it, even if there is fuel left in your tank.